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Grow your own!

With lots of people finding much more spare time on their hands at the moment due to Covid-19, many are turning their hand to their own gardens and in particularly growing their own! Whether it be potatoes, salad or onions, March is the perfect time to start your own little plot. No matter how big or small your garden there is always something you can grow.

March - Jobs to do!

Outside - if you have the adequate space you can crack on with sowing carrots, peas, beetroot, spring onions, broad beans, early potatoes, onions and shallots.

Indoor- Lettuces, tomatoes, salads, cauliflower

March is also the last month for planting fruit trees and bushes.

Prepare the soil for what you intend it to do, dig out any problem weeds especially perennial weeds by getting on top of them now it makes it easier later on, regularly hoe to prevent new weed seedlings.

Cover beds with cloches or black plastic to warm the soil for early sowings encouraging an early crop of strawberries for instance.

To further enhance your soil you can add organic matter such as aged animal manures, organic compost, green manures or mulches.

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