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Lawn is the law

As a nation we often grumble about the weather and it's a topic of conversation for all us Brits. February is the perfect time to start thinking about your lawn.

Weed & feed

Generic name for a broad range of lawn chemical products designed to strengthen existing grass and kill weeds and feeds your lawn in a single application. It generally improves your lawn’s ability to absorb water and food, and adds necessary nutrients which promote healthy growth. A healthy lawn, in turn, discourages weed propagation, enabling the use of a reduced amount of the product over time.

It’s a fact that lawns benefit from regular feeding. Without extra nutrients, the grass soon uses up plant food reserves in the soil and then turns pale and thin

Without food to develop side shoots and thickness, the lawn seed is also open to invasion by weed seeds and moss, that thrive in low nutrient conditions. On the other hand, a regular supply of supplementary food makes your lawn thick and green.

Spring and summer lawn feeding

For spring feeding we use a product containing feed weed killers and moss control. This will quickly help the grass to start growing again and control any weeds that are present, plus kill off the moss that might have invaded the lawn over the winter.

Racing Green Mids

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