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md bayezid hosin
Apr 09, 2022
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you are visible (if you wish) to many. You can accumulate hundreds or even thousands of subscribers that you can reach out to with a single message. Plus, these followers can share your content with others, making your efforts even more scalable. You can add scale without adding infrastructure or expense.The return on investment of social media and benefits, it's no surprise that many professional services firms are incorporating social media into their marketing strategies. A recent study by Hinge showed that more professional services firms use social media (52.5%) than email marketing (48.9%). And companies use social media to promote thought leadership (36.8%) about as often as speaking at targeted events and conferences (34.5%).While widespread adoption may suggest a good employee email list return on investment, there is more direct evidence to consider. In the same study, we looked at marketing techniques used by high-growth companies (companies with compound annual growth rates above 20%) and compared them to techniques used by companies that were stagnant (no growth or decline). While both groups used social media to roughly the same extent, high-growth companies found social media more effective than their non-growth peers.Clearly, how companies use social media has an impact on efficiency and return on investment.A clue comes from the same study. We've found that high-growth companies have a distinct skill advantage. Professionals in high-growth companies were 25% more likely to be considered highly skilled in social media.This raises the intriguing possibility that social media training can lead to much higher levels of success. Other research on employee engagement with social media has also identified the importance

md bayezid hosin

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